How to make extra money — 10 Side Hustle Ideas to Earn Extra

2020 Pandemic has given us many ways to make money online

Who does not like extra income? Who would not like extra income? If you are a college student, then who would not like extra pocket money? Whatever pocket money our parents give, if we get some extra money beyond that, it would be amazing. If we are working, then who would not mind extra money? If by working at night, on weekends, we get some extra money or income, then why not? This pandemic in 2020 has given us many ways to make money online. …

Business ideas which will surely create new billion dollar Unicorn.

What are the best business ideas to start in India in 2021?

The year 2020 was an explosive year for the startup businesses in India. There were many unicorns, many new startups were launched. It was a successful year, and I can assure that year 2021 is going to be better than the past year. Not only the number of unicorns, but also the number of startups that will be launched will be the highest. So now the question comes that, among all these startup ideas, which one should be chosen to work upon? …

What is wrong with null ? Some facts about ‘null’ that every Java developer should know.

It’s very essential to have a good knowledge of ‘null’ literal.

Not only Java, but all the programming languages have the null concept, as it is a fundamental concept in almost all programming languages. And I can bet there could hardly be a developer or programmer who is not troubled by null, atleast once in their life. So being a very interesting and known topic, it becomes very important to fully grasp the idea of null in detail.

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Unknown and Interesting facts about ‘null’ in Java

What is wrong with null ?

Null is a value that is not a value. That is the problem with null.

In short — null is a non-value value

The Java programming language is celebrating its silver anniversary (25 years) on May 23, 2020, so let’s explore the complete journey of Java.

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Complete Journey of the world’s most popular programming language

Oracle and the community began celebrating the 25th anniversary of Java, the Silver Jubilee as traditions say, completed on May 23, 2020. Let’s have a quick look on brief timeline of Java, the #1 programming language.

A very helpful tool for Corporate Executives, business Managers to make informed business decisions

What is Power BI, Why Power BI is important and whether you should learn Power BI or not ? Power BI is a popular Business Intelligence and Data Visualization tool which is used in Data Science world to convert data from various sources into interactive dashboards and business intelligence reports. As Power BI provides multiple software connectors and services, it has an ability to integrate with R and Python.With the help of Power BI we can create interactive visualizations, dashboards and other business intelligence goodies, which helps corporate executives, business managers, and other users to make informed business decisions.

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7 Pillars for Mastering Power BI


Why as a common man it becomes important for us to understand the financial scams? The things we do from dusk to dawn relates to our economy in one or the other way. Economy changes with the buying and selling patterns of the citizens, so at the end there is a web between economy and common man activities i.e common man is the backbone of the economy. So, it becomes important for everyone of us to understand about the activities of financial market and how does the whole financial market works. How the financial scams are one of the most…

Animation is the term used in graphics, multimedia and other fields to produce the visual effects and to attain the visual reality. Animations in the web pages can be rendered by means of CSS descriptive language that can be used within a separate file or implemented within HTML5 descriptive language used for structuring and presenting web page content. A User Interface (UI) without animation is like Video Games without motion and CSS give us an opportunity to create an animation using CSS Animation property. Animation can attract a reader and CSS Animations is a technique to change the behavior and…

Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome (PFPS) is a common injury pain in which a person experiences pain in front portion of the knee and around the kneecap, known as patella. Sometimes called “runner’s knee,” it’s more common in people who participate in sports that involve running, squatting and jumping. The knee pain often increases when you run, walk up or down stairs, sit for long periods, or squat. Simple treatments and sometimes physical therapy is needed to ease patellofemoral pain. …

In the recent times, Mobile Application Development is growing exponentially. Today every person in the world has a smart-phone. And there are lots of opportunities, demand and an increasing interest in Mobile Application Development. …


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