The Rules Of Margin Collapse | CSS Tips And Tricks

What You Should Know About Collapsing Margin In CSS

Collapsing Margins are real and they can be a real pain in the next if Web Designer is not aware of what they are and how they behave. A lot of people really do not understand what they are, what is going on, how they are working. So, in this article, we will discuss Margin Collapsing and understand the scenarios which cause it, including the tips and tricks to know how better we can handle it.

What is the fundamental of Cryptocurrency and Why did it come into existence ?

Why was a new currency required ? Whether to invest in Cryptocurrency or not ?

Actually cryptocurrency has reached a point where each and every person should add cryptocurrency in their investment thesis based on their risk profile. Crypto is a new thing, though it is 10 years old but still considerably new, it is complex for a layman to clearly understand What are the moving parts of crypto, How to invest in it, How to hold it. In this article we are going to understand about— Why did cryptocurrency come into existence? There is a lot of money in the world, and is seen all the time but despite that, Why was a new…

Essential Truths About Startups and Venture Capital Funding

Some Real-World Hard Truths About Startups Funding

Startup funding is a very desirable thing. Every startup wants themselves to get funded. But about this funding there are a lot of myths which we will see one by one. Startup would not work without funding. To some extent, it is valid but at an extent it is invalid as well. So, here in this article we will look on all the myths which are extremely important for you to know, before you start searching for funding for your startup.

Myths About Startup Funding

If you are running a startup or you are planing to start-up then there is one thing that you…

Simple Hand-Picked Exercises to Burn Belly Fat Faster

Best exercises to get a flat stomach

First, we need to understand that body fat can accumulate in all sorts of body parts. Belly fat is more than a nuisance that makes our clothes feel tight. Belly fat is seriously harmful. Losing weight is never a cake walk, especially when it comes to belly fat. Fat on the sides (love handles) is mainly the result of sedentary lifestyle, sweet tooth, alcohol consumption and excess intake of processed sugary and starchy items. Putting on weight is easy but burning it down can be a difficult affair for you to deal with. …

Guide to Data Modeling with Power BI and its Importance in analyzing the data

Data Modeling is one of the key strengths of Power BI to model and shape data

When we have huge data coming from multiple sources, knowledge of Data Modeling in Power BI becomes very important to model and shape that data to make it easier for self-service BI. And it becomes important to learn Data Modeling when we need to create reports from different fields of different tables. We can say, Data Modeling is one of the key strengths of Power BI because it does not necessarily demands all the data to be in a single table, rather we can have data in different tables and we can define a relationship between those tables with a…

Teach People Online and Earn Money

Pandemic has changed the Education forever with distinctive rise of e-learning.

How to make extra money — 10 Side Hustle Ideas to Earn Extra

2020 Pandemic has given us many ways to make money online

Who does not like extra income? Who would not like extra income? If you are a college student, then who would not like extra pocket money? Whatever pocket money our parents give, if we get some extra money beyond that, it would be amazing. If we are working, then who would not mind extra money? If by working at night, on weekends, we get some extra money or income, then why not? This pandemic in 2020 has given us many ways to make money online. …

Business ideas which will surely create new billion dollar Unicorn.

What are the best business ideas to start in India in 2021?

The year 2020 was an explosive year for the startup businesses in India. There were many unicorns, many new startups were launched. It was a successful year, and I can assure that year 2021 is going to be better than the past year. Not only the number of unicorns, but also the number of startups that will be launched will be the highest. So now the question comes that, among all these startup ideas, which one should be chosen to work upon? …

It’s very essential to have a good knowledge of ‘null’ literal.

What is wrong with null? Some facts about ‘null’ that every Java developer should know.

Not only Java, but all the programming languages have the null concept, as it is a fundamental concept in almost all programming languages. And I can bet there could hardly be a developer or programmer who is not troubled by null, at least once in their life. So being a very interesting and known topic, it becomes very important to fully grasp the idea of null in detail.

The Java programming language is celebrating its silver anniversary (25 years) on May 23, 2020, so let’s explore the complete journey of Java.

Complete Journey of the world’s most popular programming language

Oracle and the community began celebrating the 25th anniversary of Java, the Silver Jubilee as traditions say, completed on May 23, 2020. Let’s have a quick look on brief timeline of Java, the #1 programming language.


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